Versalya Pharma launches Progeva ®, natural micronized progesterone, in Algeria.

As part of Progeva ® launch on the Algerian market, Versalya Pharma held a symposium on Thursday, the 20th of April in Algiers. The symposium dealt with the: "Disorders related to the deficiency in Progesterone, from the theory to the practice ".

As Versalya Pharma is dedicated to women's and children's health, it aims to provide healthcare professionals with the needed answers to the use of natural progesterone.

Indeed, Versalya Pharma hosted Professor Pietro Santulli, in charge of the fertility surgery unit at Cochin University Hospital in Paris and Professor Racim Khodja, head of the gynecology department at Bainem Hospital in Algiers. The experts emphasized the limits of synthetic progestogens and thus the importance of the launch of Progeva ®, a natural progesterone, for the Algerian patients.

Versalya Pharma has welcomed by now, multiple requests for partnerships with scientific societies in Algeria.

Through innovative and high-quality products, Versalya Pharma continues to meet the needs of healthcare professionals by providing affordable solutions to all patients.