9 million births by IVF since his invention

Since the first IVF birth in 1978, it is estimated today that 9 million births were born thanks to this technique.Last summer, the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, USA) published estimates of the expected number of births in the coming years using IVF. Indeed, in 2100 it is estimated that between 200 and 300 million lives will be given thanks to this technique.1

There is no standard protocol for the in vitro fertilization procedure, but a number of treatments to promote follicular development or good implantation are administered according to the clinical parameters of the patient.
In order to promote good implantation, the use of progesterone is a "gold standard" and the arrival of micronized progesterone was a major advance. Indeed, it reproduces the progestative and anti-estrogenic effect of the natural hormone on the endometrium. Moreover ; Micronized progesterone also reproduces the anti-mineralocorticoid effect and has no androgenic action.

Versalya has a solution in its portfolio with micronized progesterone as its active ingredient. Indeed, Progeva® is available in many countries of the region as in Algeria or Tunisia, and will be available in other African countries from 2020.

Versalya pharma, through a rich product portfolio, continues to provide the woman and her child with a solution adapted to each stage of their lives.

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