Your Health

For optimal maternal health and child development

When it comes to pregnancy, health means far more than the absence of disease. Pregnancy must be approached from a holistic perspective, taking into account the health of both the future mother and the foetus.

Are you ready? Pre-pregnancy advice

When a couple decide to start trying to conceive, the woman may wish to have a medical examination before she gets pregnant to check for any medical or psychosocial problems that may occur.

Take your vitamins

Pregnant women must follow a balanced diet. Physical exercise is recommended. Certain habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, must be stopped, as they can affect foetal development.

The best diet when you're trying to conceive

Ten diet rules for a healthy pregnancy.

The food pyramid

A pregnant woman's total energy requirement under normal conditions is approximately 80,000 calories.

Vitamins during pregnancy

Essential nutrients that you should consume every day during pregnancy

The many benefits of breastfeeding!

Breast milk is food best suited to meeting all your baby's needs. The reason for this is simple: the newborn's digestive system and metabolism are designed for human milk.

Nutritional requirements during breastfeeding

During lactation, the need for vitamins and minerals increase in order to satisfy the production of breastmilk and ensure the right nutritional state of the mother. To fulfill your increased nutritional needs at this stage, it is important to complete your diet with vitamins.

Nutrition and child's development

From the moment a baby is born, parents must pay particular attention to feeding and hydrating him or her.