The group

The Italfarmaco Group

Italfarmaco is a privately owned European pharmaceutical company engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and promoting prescription and OTC drugs in the fields of oncology, palliative care, cardiology, neurology and women's health. The company made its name with products derived from its clinical research notably into an original iron formula for the treatment of anaemia, which is now the market leader in several European countries.

Founded in 1938, Italfarmaco now boasts a turnover of €650 million, has over 2,100 employees and is present in 40 different countries, making it one of Italy's largest pharmaceutical companies.

The group's Spanish affiliate, Italfarmaco SA, was founded in 1991.This was followed by significant investment to boost the group's international presence, particularly in Europe, the United States, Russia and South America.

In 2012, the affiliate Versalya Pharma was created in Spain to develop the group's activities in Africa and the Middle East.