Legal terms

Legal Note General terms and conditions for access and use

1. The general terms and conditions set out below regulate access to and use of the web services made available to users (hereinafter (Users”) by ITALFARMACO, S.A. through the and Internet portals.

2. Use of the portal automatically attributes the status of User and implies the acceptance of the present general terms and conditions in the version published at the moment Users access it.

3. Without prejudice to the contents established in the preceding paragraph, certain contents are exclusive to health-care professionals legally qualified to prescribe and dispense medicinal products and so access to these is restricted. All information furnished by Users through the forms on the web site must be truthful. For these purposes, Users guarantee the authenticity of all information notified to ITALFARMACO, S.A. and will keep it updated so that it responds, at all times, to the Users’ real situation. Users shall in all cases be the sole parties responsible for any false or inexact declarations made and for any harm caused to ITALFARMACO, S.A. or to third parties due to the information provided.

4. Users undertake to use the services diligently, correctly and legitimately. It is prohibited to use the services and, in particular, all information of any kind obtained through the portal in order to send communications for any commercial purpose and/or spam aimed at large numbers of users regardless of the purpose thereof, as well as to market or disclose the said information in any way whatsoever.

5. ITALFARMACO, S.A. shall be legally entitled to exclude Users from the portal in the event of any alleged commission of the crimes or offences classified in the current Criminal Code or if it observes any behaviour that, in the opinion of ITALFARMACO, S.A., is contrary to ethics, law and order, customary practice, the internal rules of ITALFARMACO, S.A. or that may disturb the proper operation, image, credibility and/or prestige of ITALFARMACO, S.A. or its collaborators.

6. All the contents of the portal, such as texts, graphic elements, photographs, logos, icons, images, as well as the layout, source code and software are the sole and exclusive property of ITALFARMACO, S.A. and are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights in accordance with national and international legislation.

7. The total or partial reproduction of the contents and design of this web site is hereby prohibited, as are its distribution, public communication and transformation, unless the User has written authorization from ITALFARMACO, S.A. or such actions are legally allowed. In addition, the inclusion of this web page within frames on other sites is prohibited without the prior authorization of ITALFARMACO, S.A. in writing.

8. Those Users submitting comments, opinions or remarks to the portal by means of the e mail service or by any other means are thereby authorizing ITALFARMACO, S.A. to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate and transform such comments, opinions or remarks throughout the duration of any copyright protection that may be legally foreseen and without any territorial limitation whatsoever. Furthermore, such authorization is deemed to be given free of charge.

9. ITALFARMACO, S.A. reserves the right to interrupt access to the portal as well as the provision of all or any of the services at any moment and without prior notice, whether for technical or security reasons, for inspection or maintenance, due to power outages or for any other reason.

10. ITALFARMACO, S.A. declines any and all liability for damages of all kinds that may be a consequence of any lack of truthfulness, exactness, completeness and/or updating in the information and services transmitted, disseminated, stored or made available to Users. Furthermore, ITALFARMACO, S.A. declines any and all liability for damages of all kinds that may be due to the presence, in its contents, of viruses or other malware that may cause any alteration to computer systems or to the documents or systems stored on the same.

11. This web site may contain information about medical situations and their treatment. Such information is furnished solely and exclusively for information purposes and is not intended, in any case, to replace the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.

12. With regard to any regulatory texts that may be displayed on the portal, ITALFARMACO, S.A. clarifies that these do not necessarily provide complete, exact or up to date legal information. ITALFARMACO, S.A. does not offer legal advice.

13. ITALFARMACO, S.A. does not assume any kind of liability for any damages suffered through access to third-party services through connections or links to related sites. The function of the links shown on this web page is solely to inform Users about the existence of other sources of information on the Internet. In consequence, Users must apply the maximum prudence in their assessment and use of any information and services available in third-party contents.

14. ITALFARMACO, S.A. has no obligation to inspect and does not inspect the contents transmitted, disseminated or made available to third parties by Users or collaborators, except for those cases where this is so required by current legislation or when it is required by the competent judicial or administrative authority.

15. ITALFARMACO, S.A. has subscribed the Good Practices Code of the Pharmaceutical Industry which is available for consultation through this link.

16. The present legal framework shall, for all purposes, be governed by Spanish legislation.

What is a Cookie?

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Cookies used:

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  •  The Do Not Track feature, whereby the browser asks the web sites visited not to track users’ surfing habits to deliver, for example, appropriate advertising on the sites visited.
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